Legal Services

Legal Services

All legal services are provided through Mr. Bader's association and involvment with the law firm of BarthCalderon, LLP. 

Our location is 333 City Blvd West, Suite 2050, Orange, California 92868 and you may have a free phone consultation with Mr. Bader at (714) 704-4828 x112.

Estate Planning

Having a Will or Trust and Powers of Attorney are vital to avoid unintended consequences if you or your spouse is incapacitated or passes away. Having us prepare affordable "state of the art" estate planning documents is the right solution.


Trust & Estate Settlements

Settling a Private Trust or a Probate Estate is a difficult process during a difficult time in a family's life. Family relations are strained by the process and having great guidance will help reduce that friction. Attain great results by having Mr. Bader properly guide your family or friends through the process.


Trustee Services

Having family members as Trustees is a formula for family friction when family members pass away or become incapacitated. Having Mr. Bader act as your family's Trustee helps make the process smoother and he provides a professional buffer between family members that can end up in a family dispute.


Trust Protection Services

Mr. Bader and his associates at BarthCalderon, LLP provide professional Trust Protection Services which help families avoid expensive litigation when disagreements arise.


Asset Protection

Asset protection, or wealth preservation, plan makes the enforcement of judgements against protected assets nearly impossible and allows the owner of protected assets to retain substantial control over these assets. Our firm can assist you with an asset protection plan that may include family limited partnerships, or offshore trusts.